Hosting Accounts & Domain Names

Do I need my own hosting account?
Yes, you will need your own hosting account. If you do not currently have one, we recommend using Bluehost for non-ecommerce websites. We will walk you through setting up your hosting account. The reason we ask you to get your own hosting account is so you become the legal owner of your website once your website launches.

Do I need a domain name?
Yes. Usually a domain name is included with your hosting account.

What is the difference between regular website and e-commerce hosting?
We strongly recommend using Shopify as your ecommerce platform, and they will also be your website host. Shopify pricing can be viewed here.

Will you work on any hosting platform?
There are some hosting platforms that restrict user access. That is why we recommend Bluehost for regular websites and Shopify for ecommerce websites.


What kind of websites do you build?
We use WordPress for all websites except for ecommerce websites. We have an excellent tool that we incorporate with WordPress that allows our customers to make content changes and self manage the site after launch.

Will my website be listed with Google?
Absolutely. We will submit your website to Google upon launch.

Will my website be mobile friendly?
Yes. Your website will be mobile friendly and tablet friendly. This is included on all websites at no additional cost.

Do I have to pay Moxii a subscription fee for my website?
No. You will never have to pay recurring subscription fees for your website. You will be the owner of the website, so you will not be “subscribing” to our services. We charge one-time fees, only. You will have to pay for your hosting account since will be the owner. We recommend Bluehost for regular websites and Shopify for regular websites.

E-Commerce Websites

What E-Commerce Platforms do you work with?
We recommend Shopify. Our ecommerce packages are based on using the Shopify platform.

Do you work with Woo-Commerce?
No. It has been our experience that our customers find Woo-commerce less intuitive to use once their website has been launched.